Giants Built the Pyramid of Giza

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I was recently asked if the Giants who helped to build the pyramid of Giza has exactly the exact same DNA as human beings. What’s the arrangement of the double helix? In the questions it became clear that the concept of the forces of animism that take on forms is yet to sit well with many people. But the issue of DNA I will manage in another article.

Anyone who has read my posts on The Pyramid of Giza and The Gods of Our Ancestors will have a better appreciation of what I am going to explain. And it is important to know that these thoughts aren’t mine, and that they derive from my comprehension of the job In The Light Of Truth The Grail Message, a book written by a German writer, Oscar Ernst Bernhardt who wrote under the pen name, Abd-ru-shin.

It’s only necessary to add that myths are the realities that we lost in the intellectual cupboard we locked ourselves in. So when we are told of an Atlas that stood on mount Atlas and held the skies, we are actually dealing with a depiction of the fact of a giant called Atlas, who resides on mount Atlas, also gave its name to the mountain.In reality, many mountains have a number of these giants inhabiting them.

Their strides, race and actions result in destructive motion of air. They uproot trees and carry water to flood planes.

A different species trigger earthquakes and volcanoes. They work in coordinated manner, such that those that form volcanoes function as preparers for major earthquakes and earth sinking, as they did at the sinking of Atlantis. I clarified this in the article, Hallandale Beach Wildlife Removal. They are still the same which will cause the sinking of parts of Japan and much of Europe, which will be counter balanced by the increase of Atlantis at the center of the Atlantic Ocean.

They are the ones who helped the Incas to build the temple that was one of the most expensive in the world, since many parts of the temple and artifacts inside are in solid gold. They were also the people who sank it under water. Now, its memories are in mythology as a mysterious temple in the bottom of a lake which, for current security reasons, I may not name. The giants will one day increase the temple when a universal earthquake strikes the earth, Atlantis rises, and many other political upheavals follow. Afterward, a new teaching will gain power with the force of a hurricane.

The time is near when all men’s heart will be gripped with fear, once the great wonder appears in heaven.

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